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First-time SecureBuy

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder and in search of a new home, buying property off-plan can be an attractive proposition and it is possible with Weston Homes’ new First-time SecureBuy scheme.

The First-time SecureBuy scheme gives you the opportunity to secure the plot of your choice, at today’s price, for just a £500 reservation fee. Should the value of the property increase, you will only pay the price given the day you secured your property. Not only does this scheme offer a secure reservation, it only requires a 5% deposit. Six months before completion, you can apply for a mortgage.

How does it work?

If you’re confident you can manage a mortgage but can’t secure a property off-plan, then First-time SecureBuy could be the answer.

The First-time SecureBuy scheme enables first-time buyers the opportunity to secure a plot off-plan for just a £500 reservation fee and a 5% deposit.

Weston Homes will offer a conditional exchange with a complete refund option if circumstances change, subject to terms and conditions.

Step-by-step guide to buying your first home using our First Time Secure Buy scheme
  1. Find a suitable Weston Homes development and speak to a Sales Consultant about your circumstances
  2. Reserve a home and pay a reservation fee – you can secure a plot with just £500.
  3. Complete the paperwork, appoint a conveyancer to deal with the legal side of your purchase, exchange contracts and pay your 5% deposit.
  4. 6 months before the estimated completion date for your plot, apply for a mortgage offer via the traditional route.
  5. If successful with a mortgage offer, the exchange will then become unconditional.
Who is eligible?

The First-time SecureBuy scheme was set up to help first-time buyers to purchase a new home, off-plan. It enables buyers to secure a home with just a 5% deposit.

The home you want to buy must be purchased off-plan. There are no limitations on value.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Select a Weston Homes development and book an appointment with the sales office where your options to purchase will be explained and your situation can be qualified by a recommended broker/solicitor.
  2. Select the plot to be purchased.
  3. If the completion of the property is less than 9 months away, use the traditional mortgage route.
  4. If the completion of the property is more than 9 months away, use the Weston Homes First-time SecureBuy scheme.
  5. Reservation fee will be £500.
  6. Exchange of contracts must occur within 28 days, with a 5% exchange deposit.
  7. Exchange of contracts is conditional on the ability to secure a mortgage offer.
  8. 6 months before the estimated completion date, apply for traditional mortgage offer.
  9. If unable to secure a mortgage offer then you will receive a full refund of the reservation fee and exchange deposit. Any other costs incurred by the purchaser are non-refundable.
  10. If successful with a mortgage offer then exchange will become unconditional and all funds held by Weston Homes become nonrefundable subject to contract conditions.
  11. Once the property is build complete the 10 day notice will be served for legal completion.
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