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Warranty & Insurance

When you first walk into a Weston Homes Marketing Suite, you can be confident that every home has been built to the highest of standards from the thoughtful design process and carefully considered workmanship to the high-quality materials used. To give you additional reassurance when purchasing, all homes come with a 10-year warranty and insurance.

Our customers have peace of mind knowing that from the moment legal completion occurs they have a 2-year warranty from Weston Homes, and are protected by one of our warranty providers for a further 8 years beyond this.

Every property by Weston Homes is built in compliance with the exacting requirements of new home construction. The standards define the technical requirements and performance for every element of the build process, from foundations through to decoration, providing homes that last.

NHBC is the warranty provider at Springfield Park in Maidstone, Victoria Central in Southend-on-Sea, Edinburgh Way in Harlow, Tayfields in Bury St Edmunds, Abbey Quay in Barking, The Laundry Works in Watford, The Venue in Hayes, Manor Lane in Feltham and the new build apartments at 1023 West in Brentwood.

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Premier guarantee is the warranty provider at 3 & 4 Station Square and Watford Cross in Watford.

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Build-Zone is the warranty provider at Gun Hill Park in Aldershot and La Plata at 1023 West, Brentwood

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