Early Careers

At Weston Homes, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of talent to consider construction related careers. We strongly believe that this can be achieved by offering work experience and through our Early Careers Programme. Wherever possible, we try to accommodate work experience placements who have a genuine interest and passion to learn about our industry.

You will receive a digital career pathway, which maps a detailed job description for each individual year in order to benchmark and accelerate performance.

Fully funded qualifications
Competitive salary, which increases year on year
Mentor support and guidance
Expenses paid for any study related materials
5 days study leave
Jarrod Spencer | Planner
Weston Homes

Jarrod Spencer

For me, I think the best way to transition into such a fast-paced industry is to develop your practical understanding of how things work alongside your academic journey. That way you are equipped with all the required qualifications, and you have also had time to apply this understanding in practice. For any students looking to get into the construction industry, from my experience, an applied, practical approach allows for a smoother transition from school/sixth form into the workplace and is more beneficial in the long term, allowing you to get first hand exposure, and also achieve your academic goals in a well-supported environment.
Xanthe Davies - Assistant Site Manager
Weston Homes
Assistant Site Manager

Xanthe Davies

I am in my last year of the site management apprenticeship scheme at Weston Homes, I did not have any previous experience in the construction industry. However I always knew I wanted a career in an industry that meant every day was different and I didn't have to sit at a desk all day. I have always loved sports and being outside and around people so this role is perfect for me. There are so many benefits of the trainee programme, including higher education paid for by the company, learning on the job, and many more. For anyone looking to join the trainee programme or apprenticeship scheme at Weston Homes, my advice would be to go for it.
Josh Statham - Trainee Site Manager
Weston Homes
Trainee Site Manager

Josh Statham

I started my journey with Weston Homes over a year ago as a trainee site manager with little experience of the construction industry. In that time I have had the privilege of meeting a variety of managers, subcontractors across the office and on site. I can honestly say the construction industry is like no other. It is a very dynamic environment that constantly feels refreshing from all the changes we see on a day to day basis. I can't recommend Weston Homes enough as they have provided a fantastic experience for me so far making the job role everything that I could imagine it would be and more.
Will Lockett - Trainee Site Manager
Weston Homes
Trainee Site Manager

Will Lockett

I am still very early into my career in construction, however Weston Homes have based me in an environment with plenty of knowledgeable mentors throughout my construction journey, by doing so the company has provided me with a base to branch out and develop my understanding of the industry through these people which has heavily impacted my learning and vastly improved me in my job role.
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