Affordable Housing in 2014

Weston Homes is committed to developing affordable homes that achieve high standards for sustainability, design, safety and quality. The strong working partnerships that we maintain with our Registered Provider partners enable us to approach the development of affordable homes with confidence and optimism.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the affordable housing sector, coupled with our effective Section 106 negotiations, has enabled us to deliver approximately 20% of our residential output this year as affordable housing. Despite the ever increasing challenges of scheme viability, we anticipate that we will achieve at least this level of affordable housing output in the future.

As house prices rise, more households are faced with the realisation that they may not be able to afford to buy or rent a home on the open market. Weston Homes are committed to the delivery of affordable home ownership products as a means to help hard-working households onto and up the property ladder.

We welcome the conclusion of the ‘Technical Standards in Housing Review’ that housing standards should be incorporated into the Building Regulations, and look forward to the efficiencies that these proposed changes will bring. We will take this opportunity to ensure that our new affordable homes meet the needs of their future occupiers and fit with our Registered Provider partners’ Business Plans.

2014 saw Weston Homes deliver its first development entirely for affordable housing. The bulk sale of Meridian in Dagenham, which was originally intended for outright sale, demonstrates the growing financial influence of Housing Associations and Local Authorities in residential development.

We look forward to our continued working with existing and new Registered Provider partners to deliver a sustainable proportion of affordable housing as part of our balanced development programme.

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