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Local Information

London’s landmarks show the hand of philosophers and artists, empires and kings. Sections of the London Wall still stand 2,000 years after Roman legionaries first laid its stones. In the 11th century, invading Normans built the Tower of London - now home to the Crown Jewels.

Big Ben and Palace of Westminster

13th century King Henry III ordered the erection of Westminster Abbey, one of Europe’s most beautiful Gothic buildings. The Renaissance granted London such architectural gems as St Paul’s Cathedral. The 18th century gave London Buckingham Palace, seat of the Royal Family. The 19th century saw the creation of the Palace of Westminster, iconic home of the British Parliament.

Thriving Business
Prosperous, safe, and orderly, London’s economy is thriving. Thanks to its business friendly outlook, London is the centre of European finance, accountancy, consulting, media and law. London is a global business hub, no wonder then, that the world’s largest companies make the city their home.

Buckingham Palace

By building on 2,000 years of history and tradition, London embraces the future with confidence. Gleaming towers complement ancient palaces.  London continues to invest in one of the world’s most sophisticated transport networks, and boasts one of the busiest airport systems in the world. As the world makes London its home, the property market continues its dazzling rise, providing rich rewards for buyers and investors.

Key to London
From the heights of Stratford Riverside, London’s panorama is impressive. The City of London’s skyline rises in the west, revealing the financial powerhouse behind the British economy. From your new apartment, it almost seems you could reach out and touch London’s soul - the home of Buckingham Palace, Parliament, and millennia of proud history. 

Canary Wharf rises in the south, its modern towers marking a new chapter in London’s booming economy. In the far distance, you can see Victoria Park, expansive golf courses, and the waterways that wind ever closer, until they pass beneath Stratford Riverside itself.

The Olympic Stadium

Olympic Vistas
The Olympic Stadium steel and glass marvel was the focal point of the 2012 Olympics. Now, it is the centrepiece of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - one of Europe’s largest urban parks, and home to superb sports facilities such as London Aquatics Centre with its 50m competition pool; Velo Park, with its cycle tracks, mountain bike trails, and BMX track; and Eton Manor, with its indoor tennis courts, and hockey pitches.