Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in our new homes are unique to each development. With months of preparation, design and manufacture, our products are market leaders in style, finish and performance.

All our doors are produced as complete sets thus allowing the door, framing, trim and ironmongery to be fitted quickly with accurate efficiency. Sets are made up of walnut or oak veneers and foil wrapped components. Pre-hung in face finished MDF linings, complete with stops and architrave.

All doors are hung on a high specification finish hinge, and fitted with latch or bathroom lock. Supplied with modern bar style chrome handle with matching turn and release for bathroom and en-suite doors. Front doors are fitted with an elegant chrome roller bolt, night latch and deadlock. Plots are individually loaded and marked during manufacture, ensuring that each door is purpose-built. Sets are created in clean factory controlled conditions with continuous quality control checks.

Doors are transported at the final stages of construction in specially fitted out vehicles. They are then installed as complete units at the final stages of on-site construction. This eliminates the possibility of on-site damage. Installation is carried out in much the same way as fitted bedroom units, by a specialist door set installation team. The result of which is a high specification top quality piece of furniture.

Using the highest quality materials and workmanship in both PVCu and aluminium windows and doors ensures that all current building regulations are not only met but where at all possible surpassed.

Areas of consideration:

The Environment

Products must meet the ecological standards keeping in mind durability and waste even taking into consideration the sourcing of raw materials to limit the impact on the environment.

Energy Efficient Homes

Windows can have a huge impact on the energy required to maintain a comfortable environment to live in. We use the best products with the latest materials to not only limit heat loss through the glazing but to limit heat gain through the windows which can often require as much energy to keep a room cool as to heat it.


Homes must be comfortable and the design and positioning of the windows and doors is given serious consideration, windows should be accessible to be cleaned on the outside, handles easy to use and the optimum use of glass to have as much natural light as possible but balancing the impact on heat loss.

Security and Safety

Where required extra safety is applied such as the use of Secure By Design which enhances the security of the windows and doors, safety glass is a standard specification to all doors and larger windows, child safety restrictors are fitted where necessary and fire egress windows to meet current regulations are always used.


Whilst all the practical issues of energy and safety are important it must not be forgotten that the home should look attractive and suit its environment. Care is taken in design and colour to ensure that with a Weston Homes property, you have a home to be safe and comfortable in as well as a style to be proud of.

High efficiency glazing Secure by Design locks The Gables development exterior - door Oak foil finish door with modern lever on rose ironmongery


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