Modern Manufacturing Methods

All Weston Homes suppliers are fully audited and adhere to our strict manufacturing standards in line with ISO, CE and RoHS. Once the modular components arrive at our own assembly facility, they are quality checked by our skilled workforce before being assembled. This ensures a consistent high quality product and helps us speed up the installation process when the units arrive on-site.

We have our own assembly facility for modular components, they are quality checked prior to site delivery which in turn speeds up the installation process.

The highly automated systems enable costeffective production which in turn allows us to reinvest in upgrading our standard options to provide consumers with the very latest hightech specifications such as LED lighting, digitally controlled showers, instant boiling water taps and integrated soap dispensers. We provide products that exceed expectations, but are user friendly and practical with the added bonus of features one would expect to find in a 5 star hotel.

Consistency and quality is our core ethos at our inhouse production facility. Highly skilled operators are responsible for a product from the beginning of the production process through to installation on-site. This drives the quality control as staff are accountable for a particular product. This process also means that products go through a variety of checks including quality checks, visual checks, pressure and electrical tests whilst in the production stages. This highly controlled environment means that all products that leave the warehouse to be delivered to site are in a perfect condition.

We are also able to seamlessly blend both modern and traditional building technologies during restoration projects. A superb example of how old can meet new was successfully displayed at our Preston Hall development. During the design and restoration process, a stunning 1848 original tiled floor was discovered which had been damaged beyond salvation by a previous owner.

Utilising old photographs of the building, our creative team were able to re-create the tile design. Working in partnership with our stone quarries in Verona, Italy, we were able to utilise CNC water jet cut technology onto natural marble which resulted in stunning tiles which were laid by our highly skilled tilers to create the perfect entrance hall feature which was both historically accurate but aesthetically pleasing.

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