Our bathrooms are manufactured to the highest of standards, with a mix of innovative and bespoke fittings.

Our quest for quality and variety takes us around the globe, giving us the advantage of spotting and promoting future trends ahead of our rivals.

In all of our current developments we have introduced a range of wall-hung sanitary ware. Through our policy of direct buying we have sourced many new high-end products such as stylish digital taps. Innovation is at the heart of our business along with the desire to provide our customers with the most enticing yet practical options for their new homes.

A standardisation approach to the production of our bathroom suites leaves us in a position to pass on the economic benefits, either through the upgrading of fitments, or as a contributory factor in reducing overall costs.

Bathroom tiling and flooring is an area in which we excel and lead the market. Tiles are laid in a more European style and are made to a tolerance specific to Weston Homes, meaning that the tiles are created to a set size enabling them to be laid with a minimum of grouting.

The all new Smart Bathroom delivers state-ofthe-art hygiene and performance technology. The system is designed to deliver the latest specification to customers, providing 5 star living for everyday people. The clean and sleek design of the bathroom is assembled with the customer as the first priority. All the elements of the Smart Bathroom are designed for modern living, making the best use of space and providing a seamless and quality bathroom experience.

The system includes five key areas:

The Hygiene+ Toilet and Pan

Hygiene+ technology has been developed by RAK Ceramics to minimise water usage, cleaning and materials in the toilet. This technology is based around a RAKRimlessTM pan which eliminates the areas of the toilet where germs and bacteria can collect. The Hygiene+ Toilet provides a level of cleanliness only found previously in specialised healthcare settings. The Hygiene+ Toilet also provides style and comfort for the user featuring an ergonomically designed seat, fitted with soft close as standard.

Integrated Storage Space

We continuously strive to provide the customer with what they want. After a rigorous series of customer feedback surveys, bathroom storage was highlighted repeatedly as an area for improvement. As a result of this, the new vanity units include storage for practical and beauty items. This is provided in the under-sink storage cupboard and mirror cupboard, together giving enough storage to satisfy even the most beauty oriented owner.

Smart Mirror

The new Smart Mirror includes LED lighting, shaver socket, digital clock and de-mist pad. The Smart Mirror is operated seamlessly through touch functions integrated into the glass. LED lighting provides a superior environment for all grooming needs, while the de-mist pad means the mirror will never need wiping down, reducing streaks and cleaning.

Fascino Smart Tap

The Smart Tap makes water precise, giving accurate flow and temperature every time. The Smart Tap remembers the latest setting used, meaning the user always gets what they need. Elegant and clean, the Smart Tap also makes cleaning easier through a soft and flowing design.

Fascino Smart Shower and Smart Bath

The Fascino range of digitally controlled showers offers the pinnacle in user control, delivering exactly what the user desires. The Smart Bath enables you to digitally control your water temperature. The Smart Shower can even reduce water bills for the owner, allowing a preset time for the shower to run. From the rainfall shower head, quick use hand shower and the luxurious body jets, this range of chromeware is the ultimate in modern living.

Southpoint development interior - bathroom Fascino digitally controlled Smart Shower and Smart Bath RAK Ceramics basin Southpoint development interior - bathroom


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