Cabe report – response statement from weston homes


Chairman and Chief Executive of Weston Homes, Bob Weston, responded to the recent Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) report on new build housing by stating:

“The recent CABE report highlights the opinions of 2,500 home owners who have bought a new property between 2003 and 2006 and specifically refers to comments about the liveability of families in these homes as not being spacious enough.

“The CABE report highlights the average new build home in the UK is 76 sqm which would take into account properties ranging from studio apartment through to five-bedroom houses but does not specify the average size of a family home despite most of the report’s statistics being focused on family living.

“When we speak about family living, we are referring to at least three and four-bedroom apartments and houses. From 1987, when I founded Weston Homes, I have witnessed the size of family homes increasing year on year. It is not just Weston Homes which has increased the size of houses and three to four bedroom apartments for family living but across the industry developers have responded to the growing demands of domestic living.

“I am happy to say that Weston Homes’ family properties start from 90 sqm. At our Nexus development in Dartford, three-bedroom houses start from 90 sqm and range up to four-bedroom houses at 118 sqm. These homes are also affordable for families with three-bedroom homes priced from £225,000 and four-bedroom houses from £259,950.

“This development is not an exception as our Maidstone development in Kent, called The Point, recently sold all its four-bedroom houses which ranged in size from 143 sqm up to 155 sqm for £220,000. For the upper end of the market, our Mayfield development has a collection of three, four and five-bedroom houses which are exceptionally large as the smallest house is 145 sqm and the largest 377 sqm.

“The CABE report also commented that most survey respondents do not have enough storage space, room for furniture, space for recycling bins or areas for children to play. Though I can not comment for the industry, I can confirm that all Weston Homes houses provide lawn gardens for children as well as offering communal gardens for apartment dwellers. All developments where we provide family housing also have either woodland or large parks that are part of the development or located in close proximity, which are perfect for children to play in.

“Weston Homes’ family apartments and houses allocate separate utility cupboards and built in bedroom wardrobes, providing plenty of storage space. Our showrooms also illustrate how furniture suitable for families easily fits within our family homes. All Weston Homes properties provide integrated kitchen appliances from dishwashers through to washing machines and many also come with microwaves.

“As the CABE reports takes into consideration only homes built between three and six years ago, it is not reflecting what homebuyers can find on the market today. It is also not taking into consideration the new homes market in different areas of the UK. I strongly urge those looking to buy a new build home to do their research by experiencing first hand what new homes are like rather than relying on a dated report.”

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