Luxury Living

Stylish New Homes to suit every requirement and taste

At Weston Homes you can be sure that whatever home you decide on, in whichever of our great developments you choose, we will provide a stylish option to suit your preferences.

All our homes are built to the highest specification with the most modern technologies combined with reliable, traditional craftsmanship. Our designs fit the style of each development seamlessly.

We also employ an independent specialist company to carry out customer satisfaction and lifestyle surveys, so we can develop sites which meet your needs, outside as well as inside your new home.

From kitchens to carpets to doorknobs, every element of our homes is made to the highest possible standard with the greatest attention to detail.

You can also liaise with our staff throughout the process so that right up to completion, you know what is going on and can be sure of a beautiful new home that suits your needs perfectly.



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