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Precision, Greenwich, London, SE10 0AG

Greenwich’s premium new address, offering a selection of 216 stunning high specification one, two & three bedroom apartments and duplexes.

First-time buyers - save £5,000 on stamp duty!

First-time buyers now pay zero stamp duty on the first £300,000 of any home that costs up to £500,000. Stamp duty will only be paid on the portion of the purchase price between £300,000 and £500,000. Existing stamp duty rates apply to properties over £500,000.


Historical Significance

Once farming and grazing land in the 16th Century, the Greenwich Peninsula has been the industrial home to many over the centuries, from producing gunpowder in the 17th Century through to being home to oil merchant Samuel Enderby's fleet of whaling ships in the 18th Century. As the ships increased in size, the site became used for quality rope manufacturing to serve the maritime fleets.

The site is more renowned for its pioneering history in the innovation and manufacture of telegraph cables that eventually spanned the world, invented by William Cooke. After assistance from the Enderbys' in producing an insulated rope, Cooke went on to produce the first electric telegraph. Reputably this was the cable that was used on the railway through Camden Bank between Euston and Camden

Town, meaning the world's first effective telegraph cable was made in Greenwich. In later years the owners of the site made cables that stretched across the globe, enabling fast communication all over the world, signalling a significant step in the history of global communication for mankind.

Globally Emblematic

Notable for its extensive British maritime history and for giving its name to the Greenwich Meridian (0° longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Greenwich is recognised globally.

Steeped in history, the town was once home to the Royal Palace of Placentia in the 15th Century, which was later rebuilt as the Royal Naval Hospital for sailors after it fell into disrepair during the English Civil War. These buildings became the Royal Naval College in 1873 and today are Grade I listed and reckoned to be the 'finest and most dramatically sited architectural and landscape ensemble in the British Isles'.

The Royal Naval College, with its stunning setting overlooking the River Thames towards Canary Wharf, has its grand historic rooms open to the public. The remaining buildings are used by The University of Greenwich and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

With a stunning city backdrop, the tranquil Greenwich Park offers over 74 hectares of space to enjoy. This includes its own deer herd and boating lake and is home to some of the City's most historical and architecturally significant buildings.

The Royal Greenwich Observatory, Britain's oldest scientific institution, built in the late 17th Century played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation, and is best known as the location of the prime meridian.

Separating the East from West in the same way that the equator separates the Earth's North from South, the prime meridian is inextricably linked with Greenwich Mean Time, which sits at the centre of our system of time zones. This is where the development name 'Precision' is derived, a reminder of the centuries of research and scientific genius that enabled the discovery of globally significant information withultimate accuracy and precision.

Within a short stroll from the park, uncover the fascinating history and experience the magnificence of the fully restored Cutty Sark. Part of the 'National Historic Fleet', the Cutty Sark is an original 19th Century clipper ship that boasts a wooden hull on an iron frame construction. Only three such ships remain in the world. An eponymous ship that used to speed from Asia to Victorian Britain, the Cutty Sark now serves as a perfect nostalgic reflection on maritime history.

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Leading property developer Weston Homes is delighted to announce the launch of the second phase of Precision, Greenwich, with a new on-site Marketing Suite and show complex located on Christchurch Way, SE10 0AG, on Friday 4th November 2016. Once complete ...

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